Classic Elegance – For a cool and luxurious appearance – marble adds the perfect touch.

Marble has been a key building material since Ancient Greek and Roman times. Thanks to its intrinsic beauty and technical properties, this metamorphic rock is still used in flooring and wall tiles today, and is even seen in furnishings such as countertops, basins, table tops and fireplaces and sculptures. Each slab with its one of a kind swirls and veins is a slice of history and tells a unique story.

Uses for marble

Internal Only / Slabs / Tiles / Bathrooms / Kitchens / Kitchen Island / Kitchen worktop / Flooring / Walls / staircase / sculptures / shower tray / wetroom / shower enclosure / sink / countertops / wall tiles / feature wall / architrave / skirting / worktops / Kitchen Floor / Fireplace / Bookmatch / Veinmatch